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Save the Rainforest

We started with owner, Rick Paid, purchasing and preserving close to 2000 acres of prime forest land once destined to become one of the many large-scale farms so common in the region. Saving this land was a way for Rick to give back from the land that provided his livelihood.  We are passionate about preserving the beauty and bio-diversity of the Brazilian rain forest and have decided to expand our efforts. Look at our many properties we are offering for sale on this site and send us an inquiry.

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A Dream Team with a Purpose

Our team at BuyBrazilLand.com are among the best fixers in the Amazon. Apart from having translators, guides and a competent team to deal with paperwork, reception on site and communication; we also teamed up with a well regarded Real Estate Agent that has experience in international land sales business, helping you avoid hiring a consulting agency in big Brazilian cities. Regina Gimenez is a renowned lawyer and real estate agent based in Santarem, where most of the properties we advertise are located. She’s been able to keep our team up-to-date on all the legislation concerning rural and urban areas purchased by foreigners.

Regina Gimenez
OAB/PA 6229 e CRECI/PA 2686

Featured Properties

Rainforest Properties

Property 101 - 766

Property 101

Size: 1,896 acres / 766 hectares
Price: $2,900,000 USD
Location: 76 km S of the Santarem
Features: Virgin rainforest with 2 rivers and hundreds of giant trees.
Property 102

Property 102

Size: 3805 acres/1540 hectares
Price: $5,900,000 USD
Location: 120 miles from Belem, Brazil on paved road
Features: Well cared for tree farm with many native species thriving in this beautiful revival project.

Property 103

Size: 852 acres / 345 hectares
Price: $7,380,000 USD
Location: 70 miles south of Santarém Para Brazil
Features: Giant Rainforest property bordering with Madeira river – the wildest jungle
Rick Paid


I’m from Michigan, one of the United States. Michigan was once completely covered with incredible pristine virgin forest. Long before I was born it was all stripped away in a matter of a few years. It’s possible to go and see a pitifully small area in the most remote part of the nearly uninhabited Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It’s a very long drive from civilization and a long hike in to see this tiny remnant of what once was. The whole world has been stripped of its once unspoiled forests. If only a few people with money stepped up long ago, significant tracts of virgin forest would still remain. These forests would be national treasures, but sadly this did not happen. There are few places left where a person with money can make a difference before it’s too late. One place is Brazil. This website is here to connect sellers with buyers of significant and rare tracts of virgin rain forest, regenerated forest and cleared land for reforestation. Simply, if you have the money, step up. If you don’t who will?