Rainforest Properties


Listing properties for sale is not our business or what drove us to build this website and put together quite a team. We look for vulnerable areas, 100% legal that can be preserved and/or reforested. Many of them offer opportunities in eco-tourism, agroforestry business, renewable resources, so, yes, you can look at these pieces of rainforest as an investment. Our centerpiece is the 766 preserve, which was the inspiration of this program and the whole idea. That is the only property that can be purchased in fractions. The other ones… well, take a look, you’ll find from little 1000-acre pieces to properties bigger than some countries.

Property 101 - 766

Property 101

Size: 1,896 acres / 766 hectares
Price: $2,900,000 USD
Location: 76 km S of the Santarem
Property 102

Property 102

Size: 3,805 acres/1540 hectares
Price: $5,900,000 USD
Location: 120 miles from Belem, Brazil on paved road

Property 103

Size: 852 acres / 345 hectares
Price: $7,380,000 USD
Location: 70 miles south of Santarém Para Brazil